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Adderall XR has the same composition of Adderall -- mixed amphetamine salts. The difference between the two is that the XR version is placed in a 12-hour

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Adderall´┐Ż Generic Name: Amphetamine and dextroamphetamine am-FET-a-meen Drug Class: Amphetamine-like Drugs . Contents. Description; General Information

Adderall vs Ritalin: By the time you

does adderall cause anxiety? Adderall . Just wondering cause I have been having problems staying awake. I feel tired on adderall ir like Im addicted to sleep and cant wake up.

The Official Adderall IR Generics Information Thread Adderall . tired on adderall ir

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Long story, I went through hell and back and finally was diagnosed with Adult ADD. a few days ago I started Adderall, I am feeling better, the.

Best Answer: Here's what I found. The vitamin C acidifies the gut thus causing the Adderall to be less absorbed so it makes sense that it brings you down a little .

Dose - What dose of Concerta would be equivalent to 20mg of Adderall IR? Concerta & Ritalin

Well for the last couple of months, I've just noticed that I become really paranoid in public, more specifically, times that I may feel threatened or nervous. An example of the .

This Vyvanse is really draining. It seems like the effect of the drug is leveling off. What's been happening the last few days is that I wake up, take Vyvanse before .

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